Rat Removal


Rats/Mice are nothing to be taken lightly. Damage to pretty much any and everything is at risk. A pair of rats can produce 2,000 desendents per year with average litters of 8-12. The most destructive animal we remove. Heard in attic, sub floor, walls etc. all times of day. Loud as if a something large was in structure attic.


When dealing with skunk situations there is usually a hole where they burrowed to nest due to pregnancy or shelter. A skunk can spray as a deterrent but when it does, the smell will attract the opposite sex and issue will continue if not excluded. All skunks are relocated to wooded area away from structure 20 plus miles away.


Skunk Removal

Squirrel Removal

Bat/Bird Removal


Squirrels are known to have erratic paths. Therefore when it's a squirrel(s) in a structures attic the noise will be concentrated in one area. Noise usually heard in early a.m. or sunset or evening late night. Nesting, hiding spot for food, shelter, etc. is reason for breaking or finding entry. Squirrels are removed and relocated 20 plus miles away.


Bats and bird as great as they are for the ecosystem and keeping the food chain in  balance by feeding on insects that carry diseases and viruses. Bats can carry the rabies virus and their urine and feces is harmful to humans when inhaled. We humanely remove bats and birds.

Warranty up to 1 year with service


We offer warranty from 90 days to 1 year on our exclusion service. Warranty covers reentering of wildlife that was removed from before if pest returns and process need be repeated. Animals we remove are very unpredictable and if wildlife that was original in structure is removed and relocated unless if rats


 Raccoon Removal   is a must due to the damage and being a nuisance that comes with them nesting in attic space. From urine and feces in attics to damage to a/c system and roofing or exterior. Raccoons gain access to nest in quiet uninhabited areas often attic spaces. Removal includeds kits (baby raccoons) if necessary.

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